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AFFILIATION: Independent
AVAILABLE TO: Men, Women, & Couples
AVAILABILITY: Incall & Outcall
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5'4" HAIR: Brunette
WEIGHT: 130 lbs BUST: 36C
AGE: 25 WAIST: 28"
EYES: Hazel HIPS: 38"





I am a single 25-year-old white woman. I am 5'4" tall and weigh about 130 lb. I have auburn hair and hazel eyes that compliment my clear complexion. I have a 36C-28-38 figure and I am in good physical shape. I am a non-smoker and I do not take drugs. I do not have any tattoos or body piercings. I am fully shaved where it counts. I speak English and French fluently.

I consider myself to be happy, joyful, and cheerful. I am very friendly and uninhibited and enjoy a good joke and a good laugh: "What is the difference between a wife and a mistress? A wife says: 'Are you finished yet?' A mistress says: 'Do you want to do it again?'"

I am into pleasure and enjoy having adventures and escapades. I am a warm, friendly, touchy person who enjoys exchanging massages. I am not interested in pain or violence. I enjoy getting to know you as a special and unique person.

I can offer you an intelligent, adventurous temporary girlfriend who can fulfill a wide range of fun, special, and social desires. Are you interested in sexy lingerie, including stockings and garters, or other accessories to add to the fun? My wish is to have a mutually respectful visit.

Respectfully and with many giggles, Valerie



PHONE  613-239-4994





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